Winter Lift Ticket Return Policy

It is the policy of The Lake Louise Ski Resort “LLSR” that the following guidelines are utilized with respect to the issuance of Snow Checks relating to Unused / Expired Day Tickets and Unused, or portions thereof.


  1. Refunds will NOT be provided for Unused / Expired Day Tickets or Unused.
  2. For all Unused and Expired Day Tickets, following the end of a ski season, and until December 24th of the next ski season, customers may exchange their Day Ticket for one (1) "Snow Check", valid any time during the ski season following the original season of expiry, by paying a $20.00 upgrade fee per ticket.
  3. Snow Check requests for the next ski season will only be available for issue from the end of the ski season, for which the originals were valid, until December 24th of each year.