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2015 Spring Pass - FAMILY

2015 Spring Pass - FAMILY

A Spring Pass for the whole family!

A family is defined as 1 or 2 parents with children 17 years and under who reside at the same residence. Children aged 18 to 29 who are attending a accredited Canadian college or university can be added to the Family Spring Pass with the purchase of the special Student Add-on option (available on the form below). Proof of age, student ID and copy of current course curriculum (minimum of 3 courses per semester; co-op students remain eligible with letter from accredited Canadian College or University).

Picking up Your Spring Pass
Spring Passes can be picked up at the Lake Louise Ski Resort at our Guest Services Department, our Calgary Sales Office, or Experience Lake Louise (new shop in Samson Mall). Click here for directions. Please indicate which pickup location you prefer on the form below. A Release of Liability form must be read, understood, and signed prior to passes being issued. This can be completed when you come to pick up your pass.

3 Challenge Max Ski or Snowboard Tunes just $119
Add 3 Challenge Max ski or snowboard tunes for only $119 (a $180 value; tunes are $60/each). Additional future tunes (4+), are $30 each for the rest of the season. Includes: P-Tex, Stone Base Grind, Ceramic Edge and Hot Wax. Repairs not included. Click here for more details.

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