Snowshoe Tours

Our sightseeing tours are designed to take anyone to explore some of the most breathtaking scenic vantage points in the Canadian Rockies. Reach that perfect viewpoint! With our easy to use snowshoes, and friendly guides, almost anyone can journey to some of the most thrilling panoramic winter views. We have wide variety of tours from easy to advanced!

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SST-S2017 Scenic Snowshoe Tour
  • CA$85.00
SST-WW2017 Winter Wildlife Snowshoe Tour
  • CA$55.00
SST- WN2017 Winter Night Snowshoe Tour
  • CA$65.00
SST-FD2017 Full-Day All Mountain Snowshoe Tour
  • CA$169.00
OFF-LH-SST-FD Full-Day Banff & Yoho Snowshoe Tours
  • CA$99.00
OFF-LH-SST-HD Half-Day Banff & Yoho Snowshoe Tours
  • CA$69.00