Spring Passes

Ski the rest of the season for one low price

Lake Louise Season Pass

2021 Spring Passes are valid for use from March 22 to May 2, 2021 (our anticipated closing day) with the exception of four blackout days on Saturday March 27, Friday April 2, Saturday April 3, and Sunday, April 4 (you save 20% off your lift ticket these days).

Adult passes are just $449

A child pass is $129, and a youth pass just $199!

Pays for itself in just a few visits

An adult pass pays for itself in only 4 days, and a youth pass in only 2 visits.

Additional benefits & savings

You also save on hotel stays, dining, retail purchases, tickets at partner resorts, and much more!

Reservations are required before you visit.

You can make a reservation online before you pick up your pass by entering the "Order ID#" from your order invoice at reservations.skilouise.com. Have questions? Click here for more details.

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SKU Product name   Price  
SKU161342147483648 2021 SPRING PASS - ADULT
  • CA$449.00
SKU1612723201 2021 SPRING PASS - FAMILY
  • CA$899.00
SKU1813427211 2021 SPRING PASS - YOUTH
  • CA$199.00
SKU161342821211313 2021 SPRING PASS - CHILD
  • CA$129.00
SKU1613428212113131 2021 SPRING PASS - TIGER
  • CA$20.00
SKU171342711113 2021 SPRING PASS - STUDENT
  • CA$349.00
SKU181342722115 2021 SPRING PASS - SENIOR
  • CA$349.00
SKU1813427221211 2021 SPRING PASS - SUPER SENIOR
  • CA$20.00